Whats it all about..? Update 29th May

These are my photos that I’ve taken in the city where I live and work. I take a lot of them, but these are the ones I like.

Just Black and white. No colour to complicate the lines and curves. Just composition and emotion, architecture and people, light and shadow.

I was wondering whether to put descriptions of what was happening at the moment the picture was captured, but then I like the idea of leaving it up to your imaginations? The tags should give you clues as to what I felt was happening at the time.

I hope you enjoy looking at them and please feel free to leave comments if you feel like it, I am always interested to hear peoples opinions, good or bad.


The ‘Summer’ is here once again, although you would never guess it. London remains wet and windy as always! And like the sun, my posts lately are few and far between. For one, because I just haven’t taken many photos that I’be liked, but mainly because I had an attack of conscience. I suddenly felt guilty about taking photos of complete strangers and making them available for anyone to see on the internet. What if they didn’t want their picture taking, what if someone is pictured in a situation they wouldn’t want to be seen in? I dont ask permission to take photos of the people in my pictures, mainly because the moment happens so quickly that there isn’t a chance, but also, the photo wouldn’t be what it is, if the subject was aware I was taking it. But a part of me feels that I should be allowed to take photos of whatever I want in a public place, and I try to have a code where I try not to show people in a way that they would find offensive or that mocks them or shows them in a bad situation. So Im conflicted. Im continuing to post photos I think (hope) the subjects wouldn’t mind and would be flattered rather then upset.
Im interested to hear other peoples views on the whole morality of street photography, it been around since photography began, just under different labels, but has the abundance of cameras in todays world taken it to a level beyond what is acceptable or reasonable? Im sure I dont know the answer.

Thank you once more to all you lovely people who take the time to visit my page and like my pictures.
All the best and have a great summer!


Its the last day of 2012! The year’s gone by pretty quickly, and its been a good one for many reasons. I’ve really enjoyed putting this site together, and it’s motivated me to take photos in a way I’d not really explored much before. Hopefully the new year will prove to be just as productive and there’ll be lots of winter moments to capture, fingers crossed on getting some snow!

Thanks again to everyone who’s taken time to check out my photos, and I wish you all a happy new year!

All the best



Work deadlines are over, and Im back to normal working hours, but boy, is it cold out there! Its getting harder to feel motivated to go out and take pictures rather than get home to a warm sofa. Might be time to take a Christmas break perhaps?

Looking back over the photos I’ve posted since starting this page, its interesting to see the gradual shift in climate, from the t-shirts and summer dresses of a few months ago, to the wooly hats and winter coats of December.

I probably won’t be putting the camera into hibernation just yet, theres still plenty of interesting scenes to try and capture out there, and Im really hoping for a bit of snow so I can show you all London looking at its most Christmas-y.

So, I’ll keep posting until my shutter finger freezes, but it might not be quite so regularly as before!

Thanks all for stopping by over the last few months!


My posting has become a bit sporadic lately, my goal of posting at least every other day has slipped, mainly due to work deadlines, but they will soon be over and I’ll be able to get back on track again.

Many thanks to all of you who stop by regularly, I really appreciate it, and to new visitors I hope you enjoy at least some of my photos.

For those asking for prints, Im looking into it, but until then full res digital versions are available on request.

Thanks again



33 thoughts on “Whats it all about..? Update 29th May

  1. Hello, I like some of your pictures and appreciate that you are not putting titles or descriptions to them. I think that the photographer should leave the interpretation up to the viewer because while we see something in the taking and selecting of the images, the viewer is also entitled to see whatever they want to as well. I will return. 🙂 Thanks, Jeff

    1. Thanks for the feedback Jeff. Im glad you agree with the no titles/descriptions decision. I wondered if people might miss knowing what the picture was about, but I think the truth is often less interesting than the imagination.
      Thanks for dropping by.

    1. Hi dedepuppets,
      thanks for dropping by and visiting my blog, im glad you like some of my photos, and you think that theres something of the london atmosphere in them.
      All the best

    1. Hi James
      thanks for visiting my blog. It nice to hear some feedback. I was starting to wonder if I need to re-structure it as I post more photos, as Im starting to think I should categorise more, perhaps not. Who knows?
      Thanks again

  2. Great photos that have captured the essence and the soul of a city…I can’t help notice that you take your photos at nighttime, that really helps you to easily achieve what B and W heads like us try to achieve: a balance of white and black…nice atmosphere…hope you keep up the good work!

    1. Hi Chitij
      I’m really pleased you like my photos. The main reason most of them have been night time recently is because its always dark when I get out of work, but I do prefer the look of night pictures, or early evening if I get the chance.
      Thanks again for stopping by my page.

  3. I’ve always loved good black and white photos, and these are great! I’m so glad I found your blog, I look forward to the new pictures each time I see an older one. I’m glad you chose b&w as well, it’s dramatic and simple at the same time. Beautiful pictures.

  4. Hi there. Just wanted to say that your work is absolutely beautiful, and I have subscribed to your site. Look forward to looking through all your work over the coming weeks. Superb!

  5. I like your style, how the low key forces you to concentrate and search for details in your shots. Is that your aesthetic choice or a workaround, i.e. using equipment limitations to your advantage? Anyway, you’re doing great, keep it up, cheers 🙂

    1. Hi Peter, I think my film background spills over into my photography, I’m always trying to achieve an almost cinematic style, trying to lead the viewers eyes to look at the things I feel tell the story, which often means throwing a lot of the image away into the shadows. But often it’s just because I like the shapes and drama of a darker image, and the romance of it all!
      I love your photos of the trees and winter sciences for this reason.
      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.
      Happy holidays!

  6. There’s some great observational wit in these images, and London offers a fine canvas. Out of interest, what kit do you use? I often feel a little inhibited when engaging in street photography and plump for the discreet fujifilm X20 rather than my SLR (which renders it underutilised)

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