3 thoughts on “47

  1. You take a wicked shot. Perhaps when I’m able to afford a X10 I will be able to follow your lead. Until then, I sulk 😦

    1. I think you’re taking some great photos with whatever your using now. I’m also intrigued that you talk to the people you photograph, and what kind of a reaction you get. Very brave!

      1. I use a Fujifilm S4500. Too big really for the candid work I prefer. I tend to talk to those who look like they could be problematic. It calms us both. With a smile and chat they enjoy the moment. Though shooting Brixton is like playing with fire. On several occasions I’ve had to delete images in front of the person or get subjected to violence. Hope it doesn’t happen. Always good to have a degree of fear present to keep one alert to danger. Thanx, too, for your comment. Appreciated 😉

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