105: In which the Photographer is Conflicted, and Morality is set to Burst its self imposed Bubble.

80s alive and well

So this is one of those photos that caused me to have an attack of conscience. I suddenly felt guilty about taking photos of complete strangers and making them available for anyone to see on the internet. What if they didn’t want their picture taking, what if someone is pictured in a situation they wouldn’t want to be seen in? I dont ask permission to take photos of the people in my pictures, mainly because the moment happens so quickly that there isn’t a chance, but also, the photo wouldn’t be what it is if the subject was aware I was taking it. But a part of me feels that I should be allowed to take photos of whatever I want in a public place, and I try to have a code where I try not to show people in a way that they would find offensive or that mocks them or shows them in a bad situation. So Im conflicted. Im continuing to post photos I think (hope) the subjects wouldn’t mind and would be flattered or amused rather than upset.
Im interested to hear other peoples views on the whole morality of street photography, it been around since photography began, just under different labels, but has the abundance of cameras in todays world taken it to a level beyond what is acceptable or reasonable? Im sure I dont know the answer.